Mr. Harper, Dog Trainer, Thomasville
Mr. Harper, Dog Trainer, Thomasville
Judge Hopkins
Judge Hopkins
Judge Hopkins’ house, now the Longpine manager’s home
Judge Hopkins’ house, now the Longpine
manager’s home


What Started It All...

The Red Hills between Thomasville and Tallahassee and the lifestyle dedicated to quail and conservation is unique to anywhere in the world.

These privately held properties contain some of the highest quality investment grade real estate, both recreationally and ecologically, that still exists today.

The traditions of Thomasville quail hunting all started in 1886 with the marriage of two influential people. Wyman Jones married Mrs. Salome Hanna Chapin. Jones was an attorney and entrepreneur who founded Englewood New Jersey. Several accounts differ but either Salome or her son Charles Chapin discovered Thomasville while in search of hunting adventure. The Jones’ family purchased two properties, one was to become today’s Elsoma, and later Longpine, and the other Glen Arven!

Multiple factors worked together in a broad scale to create this opportunity.

Charles Chapin inherited Elsoma and created Melrose.  Strategically wanting hunting company he sold Melrose to his uncle Melville Hanna for $1.  Hanna also purchased Pebble Hill. Hanna’s business partner in Standard Oil Oliver Payne then purchased Greenwood Plantation. As a result of what can be traced directly to this one couple approximately 40 plantations can be identified to this day. Today, these plantations are some of the most prestigious real estate in the country and started one of the most unique real estate asset classes in the world.  Incidentally, Charles Chapin also one of the promoters of the Herbert Stoddard’s quail investigation that became the foundation for modern quail management.